Wednesday, 31 July 2013

So sorry!

It has been so long since I have wrote. And I am going to tell you why.

No one wants to read what I write. No one cares what I write and I have nothing smart to write.

Ok, now that I got those nasty thoughts out of my head, I am going to share.

I have made some amazin life choices in the last few months. Choices that were harder to make and say I would do and just do it then speak about it.

Quit secular music totally. I do not miss it. Although I did at first, I twitched a bit the first week or two. But after a month and seeing Beyonce talk on about Sasha her "alter (demon) ego". I was good, and I feel so much better. I really did not like the songs I was singing, my kids were singing. The way it was making me want to dance, it wasn't godly. And was not worshipping God. So I sold my zumba wii game and just dance game. Don't miss it and don't need it. If its not telling God how blessed I am or pure worship to Him I am not singing or listening to it. And my depression is gone as well. God is awesome.

Basically, I did a lifestyle makeover. I am being more choosy on what I watch too. Reading my Bible more. Dancing at home and church. Just all around free, and it feels amazing. I don't miss all that stuff distracting me from God and my family.

Life is good.

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