Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My Birthday!

Today I have turned 28 years old, and for many years I would refuse to celebrate. I would have this sense of false modesty and put myself down so much that my Birthday would be terrible. I also would have a bunch of crazy expectations that would always end in bitterness.

As usual, my husband is not home. As a trucker I was pretty much banking on this. However I decided that this year I would only expect what I wanted to do for myself. I expected nothing from anyone else, and I think I have had one of the best birthdays I have had in quite awhile. Family had me over for a nice lunch, I had a wonderful Strawberry shortcake cake with white chocolate shavings all over it (very rich, but sooo yummy!). My husband sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone and called me his sweetheart, which made me blush! I also had at least 40 Birthday wishes via my friends on facebook. Oh! And one stranger at the grocery store, because my daughter told her it was my birthday. lol! She is so sweet. My children made quite a big deal about it today. And my son informed me that I should not have to do anything!! So I asked if that included making him dinner, and he said "except that mom, cause I LOVE your cooking". Well I could not argue with that.

I am very blessed, and although I have not unwrapped any official presents. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, just by not having any expectations. So from now on that is my plan.

Now I must go and watch a movie I have been waiting to see, with a bag of chips. Because to me, not having to share my chips is something I sometimes just need. (imagine 5 different hands reaching into the same bowl, ya catch my drift ;)

Shekinah K.

I am So Blessed. And here is Jill Scott, this is my wake up song on my phone. Gets my day started off right, with thankfulness. If you do not know who Jill Scott is, I encourage you to play "the best of Jill Scott" off of youtube. She has so much soul and depth, but some songs are NOT for childrens ears. Just letting you know.

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