Thursday, 7 February 2013

Bullying (the next level)

Watching television is frustrating to me. I feel as though I may be the only one seeing things for what they really are.

For instance I find cell phone commercials, are showcasing bullying in action. They say with a very strong overtone "If you do not have the latest and greatest cell phone, you are a loooser!". In one commercial they show a man who is slightly nervous (which I feel sorry for) and says he is not with their company but (the microphone back feeds) and everyone turns away and completely shun him.
What are we teaching our children?!
Honestly, the commercials we watch are half of our television (unless you watch tv online with netflix or something, which is much better). We have to look at what is behind the message. "If you are not with this cell phone provider, you suck", "If you do not have the biggest best car, you are less than".
Well maybe so, but my Pontiac will dent just as badly as your BMW in a crash. Metal is metal.
 I decide what my worth is, not you. (Not that I have anything against BMW's, its the message)

Also, another huge lie in our society is. Buy it now, or look like a smuck. Ok, lets look at that a moment.

My parents saved well over $100 by NOT buying the Tickle Me Elmo when it first came out that Christmas. I waited and waited, and bought it for $1 at Salvation Army, which was most likely donated by some poor person who felt their child's self-worth was somehow attached to an insignificant toy when they originally purchased it.
This also happened with Cabbage Patch Dolls when they first came out. You see them in second hand stores and yard sales everywhere now.  And do not get me started on how they treat other people just to get whatever the hottest product is! What is wrong with waiting?

Then the commercials for vacations! Luxurious Vacations to the Bahama's let's say. Sears does a commercial and states "Take the vacation now, and pay for it in a year".
WAIT! Whoa, I was not born yesterday. You want me to try to "relax" on a vacation, knowing full will take me an entire year to pay it off?! That is exactly what a vacation is not. To me anyway.

When new films come out in theatre. I do not go. I do not buy popcorn. I stay home, when it comes available to finally watch it online, I enjoy it. If I need a bathroom break I do not hold it until my bladder explodes or miss an important plot in the film. It makes no sense to me. I can pause, I can eat my food I bought at normal prices. I can sit and cuddle on my couch with my husband and we are more comfortable. I do not need the huge screen and damage my ears.
I have saved hours of my time by not caring if I am the first in line.
You can call me crazy, but being crazy is what has been saving me money and even more precious  my sanity.

Shekinah K.

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