Saturday, 2 February 2013



This week has been insane. We went from realizing our home is under 1000 square feet (with all 6 of us and our German ShepX) and looking for a possible new home. To have some kind of terrible flu run through the house. To huge snow storms, that change all our plans.

However! I have had time today to do one of my favorite hobbies. Which is Pinterest.
Obsession may be the more adequate description.

I start off just looking at a few things that were recently posted by people I follow. Then suddenly the target catches my eye. I have so many things I plan on doing when I have a space I can call my own! A place I dream of with every fabric and thread required and available to be taken out and used! A place with a lock on it (with 3 daughters under the age of 4, locks are a must).

Until that day comes I scour and scour. I am very much like a squirrel! I gather and gather until finally I feel full and can indulge in whatever I have decided is best to start with. So far the only Pins I have attempted myself have been recipe's and a few things with the kids.

The other website I can become lost in is, if you do not know this site you need to know it exists! This wonderful and amazing woman makes her own furniture from scratch and shows you how to do it yourself. My husband and I actually made our king size bed that she showed on her site. She got the idea from Pottery Barn and we just went with it. Took a long weekend, but our bed is super sturdy and comes apart in 3 pieces with storage underneath. We love it! (

Another website I have been hooked on reading the emails from, to get myself all revved up to finally take the plunge and properly clean/declutter my home is This woman is wonderful and upbeat. They even sell products that have rave reviews (as you read in emails) that they are a quality that you do not hear about much these days. I am gathering all that information as well.

Then their is, the best free app I have on my blackberry. I read through 3 different devotions that I honestly do not think I could go through the day well without. It is not bragging here. I just need God in every aspect of my life. If I do not dwell in His Word daily I literally do fall apart. God is so amazing in my life, every day I am thankful to Him.

It is so exciting what you can learn online now. Everything is pretty much at your fingertips and most of it is free. (all the ones I mentioned are) And for someone like me, who had NO formal education at all. It is a remarkable thing, what I have been able to glean from online and turn into wisdom to use later. I am so grateful for the internet.

And also, for you.

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