Sunday, 16 December 2012

Senseless Murders Answer

Last night I felt a resounding cry that struck a nation and my world.
Mother dead, son dead, 6 teachers dead and 20 innocent children also blown away.

Mental illness, I have to take a stand I cannot sit by idly and watch this happen again.
Maybe I can change the world.
Where people with mental issues get noticed and not tossed aside.
Thinking they dont matter, then why now do you hide?

These children need help NOW so they can be.
Productive members in our society.
Its not about me, its all about them.
They feel their being fed into a lions den.

Autism, Aspergers Adhd it doesnt matter.
These children need our help its plain to see.

Lets help them now, so we dont babysit them when.
They should be off at college not laying round in bed.
Just waiting for a cheque they didnt work to earn.
"Here's your money cause we let you slip through the cracks"
Sorry it wasnt your turn.

These words are unthinkable.
So perhaps we should try it.
Reach out a hand, make a change
Before the next riot.

Goverment stand up
You should give money from your pockets
To keep this world spinning round
To help these people rock this
Who cares about fireworks
When people inside are dying
Taking lives cause its to late
Their already died inside and now they devastate

Stand up and make a change
We all should advocate
And maybe then the future will turn
We cannot afford to repeat this mistake.


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